Bitcoin Investment Solutions for Financial Advisors
Eaglebrook Advisors is a crypto-focused investment firm that provides financial advisors with simple, secure and compliant access to bitcoin through the Eaglebrook Bitcoin SMA
Why choose Eaglebrook's investment solution
Built specifically for RIAs and financial advisors, our secure and compliant investment solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with your current workflow and operations.

Eaglebrook operates an SMA platform that specializes in bitcoin and digital asset investment strategies. Eaglebrook has launched the first bitcoin and digital asset separately managed accounts (SMAs).

Eaglebrook’s bitcoin and digital asset SMAs offer direct ownership, tax optimization, and portfolio integration. Eaglebrook integrates with your portfolio management system so you can add bitcoin and other digital assets directly to your model portfolios. Our investment solution adds value to your practice by providing streamlined access to a new and growing asset class.
What you get with Eaglebrook's SMA platform
Seamless client onboarding
Eaglebrook has a fully digital onboarding process that integrates with advisors' traditional workflows and operations (i.e. Salesforce, Redtail).
Secure and compliant access
Multi-layer protection and secure movement of funds. The client's bitcoin is held at an institutional-grade qualified custodian.
Integrated reporting
Eaglebrook aggregates reporting data into your portfolio reporting system so you can integrate bitcoin directly into your client's portfolio.
The Eaglebrook Bitcoin SMA
One of our first investment offerings is the Eaglebrook Bitcoin SMA. This investment offering makes it easy for advisors to allocate to bitcoin by streamlining client onboarding, secure movement of funds, trade execution, tax documentation, and portfolio reporting integrations.
Institutional-grade security and direct ownership
The client owns the bitcoin directly and is the sole legal owner of the bitcoin. The client's bitcoin is held at a qualified custodian in an offline, instiutional-grade custody account.
Tax-loss harvesting
Because the client owns the bitcoin directly, there are opportunities for tax-loss harvesting to offset capital gains tax liability.
Rebalancing and reporting integrations
Financial advisors can now seamlessly allocate to bitcoin and include it in their overall asset allocation strategy and financial planning for their clients. Eaglebrook integrates with RIA’s portfolio reporting systems (i.e. Orion, Addepar) and allows for automated rebalancing.
Investment Strategy
Separately Managed Account
100% bitcoin
Gemini Trust Company, LLC
Inception Date
Direct ownership
Daily Liquidity
Management Fee
Contact us
Eligible Accounts
Individual, Joint and Trust Accounts
Account Funding
Wire and ACH
Investor Qualifications
Any US-based investor
The client owns the bitcoin directly allowing for tax optimization