Eaglebrook & Ark Invest Strategies Partner

Access ARK Invest Crypto Portfolios through Eaglebrook

ARK Invest (ARK) and Eaglebrook have partnered to offer two actively managed digital assets investment portfolios to the wealth management industry. These strategies will be separately managed accounts (SMAs) that offer direct ownership, low minimums, and portfolio reporting integration among other benefits. ARK is serving as a non-discretionary model provider to Eaglebrook. This partnership combines a best-in-class technology-driven investment platform with ARK’s established digital asset experience to deliver a differentiated, turnkey investment solution.

Ark Invest Strategy Screen

Invest in ARK Invest Crypto Portfolios through Eaglebrook

ARK Invest and Eaglebrook have partners to offer actively managed digital asset investment portfolios to RIAs and institutions. The digital asset investment strategies will be in the seperately managed account (SMA) structure that allows for direct ownership, minimimal tracking error, low minimums and portfolio reporting integration. This partnership democratizes access to professionally managed crypto strategies and provides best-in-class service to financial advisors and the clients they serve.

ARK focuses solely on offering investment solutions to capture disruptive innovation. ARK has researched the crypto space since its founding in 2014, and has been actively engaged in crypto related equity investments since 2015. A dedicated Crypto team within ARK manages these active portfolios utilizing a defined investment and risk management framework which seeks to capture alpha through macro evaluation, on-chain analytics, sentiment, and technical factors.

ARK Cryptocurrency Strategy: A Monetary Revolution

According to ARK's research, the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies still represents a fraction of global assets and will scale to ~$30 trillion by 2030. Untethered from traditional systems and, generally uncorrelated to the behavior of other asset classes over longer time horizons, cryptocurrencies could serve as a strategic allocation in well-diversified portfolios.

ARK’s Cryptocurrency Strategy is an actively managed, high conviction portfolio invested primarily in bitcoin and ether, the largest cryptocurrencies by network value.

ARK Cryptoasset Strategy: A Financial and Internet Revolution

Public blockchains are powering novel forms of coordination across finance and the internet. These forms of coordination are likely to impact all asset classes. Just as the internet turned information into packets online, ARK believes public blockchains are likely to turn all assets into transactions on-chain.

ARK’s Cryptoasset Strategy is an actively managed, high conviction portfolio of cryptoassets that are relevant to major themes identified by ARK, including Smart Contract Networks, Decentralized Finance, Web3, and Infrastructure & Scaling.

Why Crypto SMAs?
Seamless Onboarding
Our digital onboarding workflow is completely paperless and takes only a few minutes to onboard any type of client account including: Individual, Joint, Trust, LLC, Corporation, LP, Foundation/Non-profit, and IRA.
Daily Liquidity
Eaglebrook has daily liquidity that allows for client to both invest and withdraw assets within 24 hours compared to monthly or quarterly liquidity with other investment structures.
Professional Management
Digital asset investment portfolios are professionaly managed by a team of seasoned investment professionals that have deep experience in the digital assets market.
Security and Compliance
The client owns the digital assets in their name at a qualified custodian in an institutional-grade cold storage custody account that is offline from the internet. Eaglebrook adds robust security layers on top of the client’s custody account that greatly reduce the risk of the theft or hack.
Portfolio Integration
Eaglebrook has built deep integrations with advisor workflows and portfolio management systems that allows financial advisors to model, bill, and advise on their client’s bitcoin and digital asset holdings.
Portfolio Customization
Eaglebrook offers various digital asset investment strategies that are customizable by each client. This includes market entry strategies, tax-loss harvesting strategies, and asset allocation strategies.