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August 8, 2023

In the Eaglebrook Research Roundup, we have gathered the most pertinent research from Eaglebrook’s asset manager partners.

At the forefront of an emerging asset class, these managers understand what matters for the long-term success of the industry, the implications of breaking news on the space, on-chain metrics that indicate the ecosystem's health, and unique vantage points into how crypto assets are analyzed.

These curated insights are meant to get at the heart of what matters for the digital asset space in the near and long term.

ARK Invest

  • Regulatory certainty has been out of reach to this point but with a recent summary judgment in the lengthy SEC v/ Ripple Labs case; ARK Invest believes there could be a positive impact, leading to increased clarity for digital assets.
  • ARK Invest highlights how the bitcoin lightning network can harness Artificial Intelligence, combining the two noteworthy innovations.  
  • In the Bitcoin Monthly, ARK assesses the bull and bear case for bitcoin, based on several factors, including macro and on-chain metrics.


  • The bitcoin and digital assets journey from an emerging technology to the mainstream tool is ongoing, with Bitwise noting a potential turning point in 2Q.
  • Bitwise believes “we are six months into a multi-year bull market in crypto” with the Crypto Market Quarterly Review showcasing data points that bolster this view.
  • In this white paper, Bitwise answers the most common criticism about crypto: “Where are the real-world use cases? And when will it start impacting my day-to-day life?

Franklin Templeton

  • Franklin Templeton discusses Years to Profitability (YTP), a crucial metric in evaluating the profitability and sustainability of layer 1 (L1) blockchains.
  • Understanding Web 3 provides an overview of Web3, emerging digital assets, and related terms and technology. It aims to equip the reader with the foundational understanding necessary to appreciate the potential impact on the future of the financial industry, economies, and society.

Global X

  • Ethereum (ETH) utilizes a consensus method known as proof-of-stake; in this blog post, Global X explores how staking aligns incentives and its invaluable role in proof-of-stake consensus mechanisms.
  • In crypto investing, it is common for investors to hold crypto exposure solely to the two largest assets as measured by market capitalization, bitcoin and ether. Global X explores some of the reasons why investors in crypto markets may want to consider a diversified approach to portfolio construction.

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