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Eaglebrook Research Roundup 09/22/23
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September 22, 2023

In the Research Roundup, we have gathered the most pertinent research from Eaglebrook's asset manager partners. We also highlight an upcoming webinar from Bitwise, "Ethereum: The World's Most Compelling Crypto Asset."

To sign up for the webinar on Thursday, September 21, use this Link.


  • In the "Ethereum: The World's Most Compelling Crypto Asset" webinar, Bitwise CIO Matt Hougan and Bitwise Crypto Research Analyst Juan Leon will dive into the key topics Financial Advisors need to know about ethereum. Topics include what is ethereum, the apps on ethereum, how to value ETH, and how ETH fits in a portfolio.
  • In this newly updated study, the Bitwise research team evaluates the historical impact of adding bitcoin to a traditional 60/40 stocks/bonds portfolio. The study examines various rebalancing strategies, allocation sizes, and holding periods.  The study also highlights bitcoin’s counterintuitive influence on portfolio risk metrics and addresses three key questions investors should ask when considering a bitcoin allocation.

ARK Invest

  • In Ark's first episode of Bitcoin Brainstorm titled "Building and Scaling: a Bitcoin Conversation," the team discusses Jack Dorsey’s thoughts on Bitcoin as the currency of the internet, what countries are moving the fastest to adopt Bitcoin, why Bitcoin might be the most inclusive currency, and more.
  • In the Bitcoin Monthly, ARK assesses the bull and bear case for bitcoin based on several factors, including macro and on-chain metrics.
  • In this white paper, ARK details Cointime Economics, a new metric to analyze bitcoin. It provides three case studies illustrating the potential benefits of Cointime. Additionally, ARK discusses improvements to traditional bitcoin valuation metrics, and a new set of on-chain analytics to measure bitcoin’s activity.

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