Research Report
August 31, 2022
Joe Orsini and Damon Polistina
Digital Assets: Staying Power

Volatile price movements and extreme drawdowns that test investors’ conviction is not a new phenomenon. Just like gold in the 1980s and the internet in the 2000s, digital assets can gain adoption despite market fluctuations, questions of viability, and challenges to overcome.

Bitcoin is potentially the next technological step in the evolution of money due to its compelling sound money characteristics and transformative technology. As an emerging global monetary asset, bitcoin’s use cases in the long-term are as broad as fiat currencies of today and as versatile as the end-users needs.

Ethereum’s launch and the rapid growth of its underlying applications illustrates what’s possible for a blockchain powered internet. With developers and entrepreneurs now building applications on Ethereum as the base layer platform, there is an immense opportunity for further innovation and expansion of the total addressable market under this new paradigm. In this digital age, investors have the rare opportunity to gain exposure to the underlying success of the next stage of the internet.

In this report, we discuss the current drawdown versus history, bitcoin and ether’s resilience despite significant drawdowns, bitcoin’s role in the evolution of money, the evolving internet powered by Ethereum, and the opportunity that lies ahead.