About Eaglebrook

Who we are

Founded in 2019, Eaglebrook Advisors is a tech-driven investment manager specializing in bitcoin and digital assets. The firm offers various Bitcoin and Digital Asset SMAs serving wealth management firms, family offices, and institutional investors. This includes passive, custom, and professionally managed strategies.


Eaglebrook currently works with over 70 RIAs and 500 financial advisors who are actively allocating to bitcoin and digital assets through Eaglebrook’s SMA Platform.

Eaglebrook provides advisor training and education on the bitcoin and digital asset market to properly answer client questions.

Eaglebrook integrates with existing advisor workflows, so advisors can report, bill, and advise on their clients’ bitcoin and digital asset holdings.

Our mission

Build the bridge between wealth management and the digital asset market

Why Eaglebrook?
Seamless Onboarding
Our digital onboarding workflow is completely paperless and takes only a few minutes to onboard any type of client account including: Individual, Joint, Trust, LLC, Corporation, LP, Foundation/Non-profit, and IRA.
Daily Liquidity
Eaglebrook has daily liquidity that allows for client to both invest and withdraw assets within 24 hours compared to monthly or quarterly liquidity with other investment structures.
Tax optimization
Eaglebrook has built robust tax-loss harvesting tools and strategies. Advisors and clients can leverage these tools to optimize digital asset portfolios.
Security and Compliance
The client owns the digital assets in their name at a qualified custodian in an institutional-grade cold storage custody account that is offline from the internet. Eaglebrook adds robust security layers on top of the client’s custody account that greatly reduce the risk of the theft or hack.
Portfolio Integration
Eaglebrook has built deep integrations with advisor workflows and portfolio management systems that allows financial advisors to model, bill, and advise on their client’s bitcoin and digital asset holdings.
Portfolio Customization
Eaglebrook offers various digital asset investment strategies that are customizable by each client. This includes market entry strategies, tax-loss harvesting strategies, and asset allocation strategies.